When someone so young…

Today, I read the news and saw another article on a teen suicide. Every time I read a piece done on one, my heart breaks a little more. Especially when the death involved such a young person. A person who could have lived her life happily; if only she had moved forward through the pain. Some might say, “What do you know of her pain? For some, the pain is just too much.”

True. I wouldn’t know the exact pain of someone who had committed suicide or attempted to. But I know what it feels like to be in so much emotional pain to have contemplated it more than one time in my life. Something always holds me back though. My faith. My family. The fear of feeling physical pain, and heights. Yes, I’m sure there is some irony there.

But this girl, she didn’t have a supportive family.  All she had or thought she had was a failed relationship. And that just saddened me more. How many have gone through with the act just because they think they had nothing more to live for?

There is so much to live for.

And please, if the pain gets too much to the point you’d consider jumping off a tall building, or slit your wrists, or any other way conceivable way to Man in ending your life… Stop. Close your eyes and breathe the air, deeply. Then call someone, anyone, be it a good friend, your annoying kid sister or even a stranger from a helpline. Talk to someone. Please. Give the world another chance to show you that there are still some things worth living for. There usually are. Don’t take my word for it.

Find out for yourself.



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