Mate of the Tsatrya

Joseph Archer never gave much thought to the Tsatrya, a race known for their superiority to humankind in strength and speed, as well as extreme good looks. That is…until he met Mykael of Lithonur, ruler of one of the continents of the New World. Joseph’s uncontrollable desire for the man challenges his belief in his own sexuality. Falling hard and fast for the Tsatryan leader, Joseph’s first instinct is to deny the connection. Will Mykael be able to convince him they are true mates?

Available from November 12, 2011 @ Silver Publishing



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7 responses to “Mate of the Tsatrya

  1. The book was amazing. Is Jess or Gilliam going to get a book?

  2. kathy cole

    Hi Ann – just left a comment on Silver’s Facebook page about this book, which I really enjoyed when I read it this morning. Was wondering if you had a follow-up in mind for either Gilliam or Jess?

  3. Ash

    Yay! I also loved this book, but I am even more captivated by Jess’ story – can’t wait to read it!! Please, please, please make it soon, Anne. 🙂

  4. I loved this book so much I bought the rest that are on please tell me that you have more to buy? Love your style of writing you have a new follower for your books! can’t wait until your next one.

  5. Kevin

    I so love this book. It was amazing the loving making scenes and the tenderness from Mychael to Joseph. I was so happy to see male pregnancy, and how Mychael would not let anything take Joseph away from him. It just took my breath away. I so hope that they do a sequel with Jess and is MIA Tsatrya. You Rock Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!

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